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Nowhere Man by nightshade-keyblade

I don't always read poetry, but when I do, I discover some awesome pieces like yours. And it's great !

Now your questions :
1/ I'm not an expert in poetical structures but what I can say about yours is that it kinda reminded me of a japanese song called "Bad Apple".
The fact is that I feel something like a "rythm" when I read it. It's a prose yet there is something that make the whole thing poetic.

2/ I don't see any part that doesn't make sense !

3/ This sentence : " But instead I opt for the simple one, because the truth only leads to more questions " may be a little too long compared to the rest of the poem in my opinion, but I don't know if it will be good to "cut" it into two parts either. That's the only modification I could think of and it's just a little detail honestly.

4/ As a métis who also travelled I recognized myself in some of your lines ^^ especially the famous question "where are you from" :D
I also enjoy solitude.

So yeah, I really loved the story behind your words and the pictures you used. Great job :clap:
The Artist thought this was FAIR
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